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Online Video Marketing is Essential

Online video now accounts for the majority of consumer Internet traffic, and this trend only grows. Its popularity speaks for itself when you consider videos are clicked on more than any other digital ad format. Combined with social media and viral sharing, an online video lives on as a far-reaching marketing strategy.

In designing your video, we can capture on-site footage, footage using our green screen studio, or a combination of the two. The advantage of using a green screen allows images and video segments to be in the background while you talk to your visitors in the foreground. Your marketing message becomes both intimate with human connection aided by visuals that showcase the products and services your prospective customers are looking for.

A few friendly tips

In considering your script, 150 words of narration (a comfortable pace of delivery) equates to about 1-minute of video. In designing your video, let's discuss the Call to Action you aim to achieve. Is it to call? Visit? Follow you on social media for updates? In either case, your viewer needs to hear that early on.

Types of videos to consider

Introduction of a Business and its Services

Expansion of Business/Offerings

Instructional or Informational

Fire Insurance Video

How-To Video for Client Training