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Cinemagraphs, Animated GIFs, Composite Photography

a green screen studio allows you to use a custom background

Green Screen = Custom Background


There is something hauntingly beautiful about cinemagraphs that continue to capture the attention of the digital world. As users passively graze through thousands of posts and sites, a cinemagraph simply stands out as a scroll stopper. Cinemagraphs are artistically different than traditional animated GIFs in that a masking technique is used to strategically select what portions of the canvas to animate.

Animated GIFs

Beyond their common use on social media nowadays to share comical memes, professionals can use an animated GIF to showcase their business or product in a number of helpful ways. Animated GIFs can weave a series of photos or video segments into an eye-catching advertisement. As a medium, it can add personality to your brand.

Composite Photography

Our green screen studio brings unlimited creativity when it comes to the effect or message you wish to portray as part of your marketing campaign. We can discuss ideas surrounding custom digital ads for social media, print advertising, or even just acquiring a professional profile pic for your website or social media account where you choose the background.

  • Cinemagraph

  • example of an animated gif featuring winternetweb

    Animated GIF