More than anything, you need a web designer you can call on when you need help. My name Is Jason Winter, owner of WinternetWeb Technologies, LLC. WinternetWeb Technologies' specialty remains with serving small businesses, as it always has. I understand that a business is as unique as the heart and passion of its people. Oddly enough, this is where over 17 years of programming experience comes into play: my web sites are hand-coded based on your personal input and guidance. If your business is firm on wanting a template-style content management web site powered by Joomla! or another authoring software, I can refer you to a web design company that makes that its focus. I invite you to contact me if you are in need of a custom web site or a redesign of your existing web site for your business or organization:
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My interest in both language and technology has led me to the service profession of web design. And yes, I said service profession. In fact, this interwoven enthusiasm extends itself to a broader vision. As a former school teacher, my love for education enters this mix to the extent I have strong convictions with how technology has taken the reins today. Knowing computers does not have to be at the sacrifice of being able to speak a series of complete thoughts.

Smartphone users can have easy access to your web site with a QR logo. Get one designed today for your car, store front, business cards, promotional materials, newspaper advertisements, and more.
Contact me with your questions and I'll be glad to assist you in your next web design project. Know that a quality small business web site is affordable, as many fall within the range of $1,200 to $2,000. Acquiring a domain name or hosting package for your business can be arranged, if needed, too.

2014 brings some more exciting changes in the field of web design. Look for updates on my return from a web design conference I am attending this June.

The Greater Vision of WinternetWeb Technologies (the sermon ramblings of the overdue paradigm shift)
Computer code for a website on keyboard: the process of creating a custom website.
As technology advances, its experts are highly trained in the craft of code and computers, but often little else. For many, technology's progression has aided in making communication quick and widespread. Without proper control, it has also divorced some people from the art of communication. No matter how great a professional's understanding of technology, it can never replace a broad knowledge of people and how we relate. Our journey of technological innovation must never leave the human spirit behind.

The Internet places volumes of information at our fingertips within seconds. And studies are showing our brains do not retain what we learn and read as we once would since looking information up again is so easy. The trend continues, in my opinion, with making communication less personal. In this information age, rhetoric has left communication, and service has left business. What our technologically-infused world needs is to realign its orbit by embracing the marriage of technology and communication. Perhaps a greater awareness of this plight in our educational system will one day birth a new generation of technologically-savvy, yet conversationally-confident people.

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